Yo their bud and wax is soo official that this is the only shop i go to




Found this spot through WeedMaps, cool spot! Plenty of parking, they have vending machines filled with snacks (genius). Staff was very friendly, all jokes and smiles, and the bud selection is impeccable. Went in as an FTP and got a decent deal, I got 8 grams of the Black Mamba for $70, not bad considering its their $45 an eighth ganj. The atmosphere is calming, their aquariums are a nice touch but the only downside to this spot would be the check out process, its not as simple as choosing, weighing,bagging, and money exchange. You have to choose, then you get a receipt, go to the cashier and hand them your receipt and cash, then go back to your bud tender and get your meds, it seemed a little whacky to me but other than that top notch club, will have to pay them another visit.




living here in the valley I've gone to a couple of shops none of them match Green Dragon they got the best weed the best wax and the best service that you can get and the hook you up on your 7th visit and you don't have to be counting on how many times you've gone there Thank You green dragon for the free gram and for being the best in the west and in the valley



beautiful buds, beautiful staff. shammy helped me out and booked me up. take a look at the two fishtanks they have. some rare exotic fresh water fish and gnarly starfish. shammy knew a lot about the bud and the fish. I left happy. I don't usually go for 20 bucks a gram but they have deals like by one get a second for 5 bucks and free gram on visit. bud quality was unreal. I'll be back.



Green Dragon has been the best and nothing but the best ever since I got here to the valley they have the best weed the best wax and the bartenders are just the best I know how to treat you right and know how to hook you up and its a guarantee that everything they're having their will get you high Thank You green dragon for being the valleys best shot